July 20, 2017

Domingo's Hat

Summer home on the bias. Chess table made by Ni's dad Ed.
Freedom on the loose.
Family garden perking up on the last day of June.
Life on the farm is easygoing.
Jiggs and I carve out a new stencil like madwomen for Beige's wedding day.
Progress report. Looking zany but interesting?!
First contrast photo of Carys. Little lady's first time at Patricia Beach. 
Beach babies at the start of July. My kind of day!
Long cool boy in a Guatemalan sun hat crafted by a man called Domingo.
Carys and I pause for a portrait in the shade. Photo thanks to Rebecca Beatty
Table for two, mirror of one.

Summer is in. Life is rich with the laughter of small, funny children ringing through my house, warm winds tousling the bedroom curtains, cycling with more skin exposed than clothing, stains from cherry pits on a white nightgown, dirty floors from sandalled feet, not to mention the sound of sunflower seeds cracking and flying out the window of a new car.

Here is a look in at my recent goings on of the high season. Farm visits to tend the garden and seduce wild kittens with my charms, beach picnics with little ones putting sandy hands in the cracker box, watching a small child learn to trust her instincts on a bicycle. Walking aimlessly with a good friend before she leaves for good.

Nothing quite beats receiving a new hat in the post or walking home to a grocery bag of beets and dark leafy greens hanging from the doorknob.

Summer, you beauty.

Captured on Iain's trusty Canon AE-1 on Delta 400. I am not sure why these came out so gritty, perhaps the meter is off? Oh well, ca va. Take me or leave it.

Margot la P

July 10, 2017

Turning Thai

Seaflower Bungalows. Standing on my parent's bungalow veranda, looking toward the palm thatched restaurant.

Entry penned on January 20th, 2017:

Early last week Wednesday morning I was contemplating my last breakfast at Seaflower Bungalows. Bananas in warm coconut cream on brown rice or Red Curry soup with rice noodles? What to choose, what to choose? I went for the Red Curry soup as per usual and Lise, the owner of Seaflower told me I was turning Thai. I took that as a compliment and enjoyed every spoonful of that bowl.

I am home from yet another journey away from this continent I call home. Three weeks in Thailand with my loved ones was good for the soul. Iain and I had a hoot exploring new cities from the back of tuktuks, motorbikes, bicycles and truck taxis. I ate like a queen and drank like a sailor. I hauled my Kiev across the globe and left my smart phone at home. That was the best decision I could have made to begin a new journey.


Seaflower's beach looking toward the Gulf of Thailand.
Two Seaflower beach goers at ease at Happy Hour!
Typical scene between these two dingalings. Tall Changs and shenanigans.
My beautiful sister Erin and her first mangostein.
Self-reflection on my parent's veranda at Seaflower.
My mom in her happy place on the beach.
Me in my happy place at Happy Hour in silk pants.
Gareth pours himself a cold one.
Milky takes a load off.
Ma and Pa take a New Year dip in the ocean. 
Cousin Kaleb at the end of a really good book.
My dad having a cold Chang.
Erin soaks up the sun.
Ladies on the beach.
Dominoes at Heaven Bar.
Kaleb for Dusen Dusen.
Seaflower and a slice of Heaven Bar.
In my happy place.
Chai takes a friend out for a spin.
A good scene of some of my favourite guys. Mexican Train in full effect at Happy Hour.
My love.
Happy beachgoers at Seaflower.


Kiev 60 / Portra 400 / Delta 400

July 9, 2017

Moondog in July

Ian Johnson's van. He was taking a picture of us on his big Mamiya rig through the driver's window. Meta!
Two cool cats. We cycled two blocks before stopping at this place to shoot a portrait. Why I placed Mangie & Luke in direct sunlight I will never know.
Mangie Chan & Luke Bergen.
Respect the Sacred. Under the Osborne bridge.
Bernie works the water wheel chez moi. Bern Dog, you funny duck you.
Carys sitting at my little table having crackers with two kit-tees. This child is so calm and easy it is almost frightening. 
First photo of the two of us. Bernie and Miss Meg. Winnipeg, MB; July 2017.
Iain heaps and hoes the family garden four miles north of Morden, MB.
Portrait of a man and his tractor. 
Iain's dad Ed found this skull in one of his fields. If you put it up high the flies will pick it clean for you.
Portrait of my sweetheart working the potato patch. I love his expression as well as that red / mint green garage behind him.
Sleeping, not sleeping. I can imagine a very, very good studio inside that silver shack. Summer Kiechje?
Summer silhouette. This was the state of the sky from my vantage point on June 30th.
10pm light on June 30th, 2017.


I picked up this roll from the lab yesterday. 120 Portra 400. A recent roll of summer colour I felt compelled to share. I shot an incredible wedding in East St. Paul yesterday. Kirstin & Andrew. I always learn lessons at these type of high pressure, sharp timeline events. Slow Down, mainly. Time to go for a hot wind bike ride with my lover.


June 29, 2017

Pilgrim at Pumpkin Creek

Lady in a straw hat walking alone in a field of wildflowers on a Tuesday.
Resting spot. Essentials along a slim creek.
I have been drawn to this place since I was a small child.
A good spot as any to meditate in the nude.
Brownie McGee in its natural habitat.
The fire wouldn't catch so I settled for smoke.

July 9th, 2017: one month since dear friends married on a full moon.

I came back to this photo essay titled Pilgrim at Pumpkin Creek (ode to Annie Dillard's "Pilgrim at Tinker Creek") because I felt this particular series of photos needed a story to go with it. These photos were taken on June 20th. After being delivered back to my home by my sweet mum following a hellish time in purgatory, I started to spin out and panic and lose it. Have you ever felt like you can't be at home? My home is my sancutary so this was quite distressing to me. On a whim, I threw a bunch of things in a bag, filled jugs with water and hit the open road in Iain's truck. 

Before long I had that old girl heading west for the counry. There is no radio in Brownie McGee (we both began in '86) but it didn't matter. It felt like a matter of life and death to open every window and let the breeze brush away the energy of that day. Ahhhhh. Feel those shoulders drop. I was wearing my old straw hat from Albuquerque, New Mexico. When I finally arrived to my favorite place called the Sugar Shack, I got out and stood in that little grass clearing near the truck in the photo above and said "this is my Calm Zone. I am safe, open and aware that this is where I need to be right now". I dropped my bag in the porch and made a beautiful bed. Put my boots on and marched through the hills to my favourite spot along Pumpkin Creek. My clothes came off and I lowered my body into that water and washed away the day. Sunshine on a nude body like a frog on a rock. That was how I welcomed the sun and summer this year. These are the photos I felt compelled to take while in the process of releasing the old. 

Welcome Party for the Sun, party of one in a maple tree stand. My kind of retreat. 

My friend Rebecca often refers to her home as her Calm Zone. I love this phrase: calm zone. Rebecca is Lula's Calm Zone. It is lovely to observe a dear friend glide into motherhood and discover new ideas while pushing herself to the limit as a new mom. It is so inspiring to me as someone looking outside in. Something to look forward to, perhaps? I would love to experience pregnancy, birth and motherhood in this lifetime. Time will tell. In the meantime, I can observe and learn from those around me who are in it for the long haul! My life is rich with little children. This I know.

Kiev 60 / Delta 400
Eve of Summer Solstice / June 20, 2017